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protecting piedmont. the new security plan the police chief has for the city after just four days on the job. >> it was all a lie. the consequences a sunny vale student could face for lying to police about a gunman on campus. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. julie haener has the night off. the city of piedmont is less
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than two square miles large. but the new police chief is searching for ways to protect residents after two robberies this week. jade hernandez live where the chief wants to install some new cameras. >> reporter: head north hit oakland, head in the other direction drive deeping into piedmont and in the not so distant future here in piedmont cameras will be installed that will record your license plate. this is the case of location for some. >> piedmont tends to be a very affluent area it's going to be one of those cases that will get targeted. >> reporter: piedmont's recent home invasions made nervous so the idea of cameras like the one mounted on this squad car placed along piedmont city limits doesn't bother her. >> it might deter it some. i don't think that it's going to get rid of it completely. >> reporter: she doesn't think of the cameras as big brother either. neither does the city's new
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police chief who was sworn into office on tuesday. >> that is a good investigative tool. if we can get it to be able to have that would make a big difference in being able to solve crimes. >> reporter: the new chief says the department has already contacted a vendor and is waiting for an estimate on cost. the city would need nearly 29 cameras along the border surrounding oak -- oakland. we learned there's also residents that are willing to pay. >> i know there's a lot of restaurants that be willing to help. i can tell you that after four days. >> i really feel that something needs to be done and very soon. >> reporter: we spent the day in piedmont talking to people and couldn't find anybody against the idea. but the chief insists this will be a very slow process and the
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residents will be contacted. it was all a hoax. police now say that a student lied about seeing a man with a gun on a sunny vale school campus. the report prompted a lock down at west valley elementary, cupertino middle and homestead high. the boy who ride could face legal will be -- the boy who lied could face legal charges. >> reporter: the parents showed up to pick up their kids. >> the school was locked down, you couldn't get over here. >> it was scary, it was very scary. i have one kid locked in a science hall way between classrooms. >> reporter: police in s.w.a.t. gear searched each building on campus after a student told an administrator he saw a man with
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a gun. the student later admitted to police he made the story up. >> it's an untruth. i don't know if it was a hoax, joke or what. but it was a bad decision. >> reporter: classes ended two hours early today because of the whole ordeal. >> there is no regular day after this. it was quite stressful for the children. very. they hasn't eaten for the whole entire morning. staff hadn 't eaten. >> reporter: but parents were happy with the school's response. >> hopefully when the real thing -- hopefully it never does. but if it ever does it's still handled the same way. >> reporter: the superintendent said a lock down drill took place earlier. there's nothing they can't or would do differently next time. >> there is no guessing game. there's no saying maybe there's a hoax next time. we take it very seriously. >> reporter: now the superintendent plans to meet on monday with students and
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teachers to review their lock down plan and also to explain to the kids that pulling a prank like the one today can get them into some serious legal trouble. live in sunny vale, allie rasmus. police in antioch are adding extra patrol after a child say as man tried to lure him into his car. the fifth grader was walking near sutter elementary to meet his brother. a man driving a light blue car approached him and said a family member had sent him to meet the boy at school. also in antioch, police have confirmed another incident at near by antioch high school. they say a student there was a victim of groping and an attempted kidnapping. antioch police say they do not think the two incidents are
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related. investigators say they want to talk to 24-year-old vicente duarte. reynaldo ledesma is under arrest. police say they believe the shooting was the result of a long-standing feud between the victim and the two suspects. a judge today is sentenced a teenager who killed their parents in the oakland home to 25 years to life in prison. authorities say 16-year-old moses cayman strangled his parents last january. then tried to burn their bodies. moses was 15 at the time. before the sentencing, moses told the couple's relatives in court he didn't want forgiveness. he said they hoped they would forget about him. a sheriff deputies shot and wounded a man and charged a deputy with a large knife. deputies arrived at the home about 9:30 after the suspect's four called police. shortly after arriving the 28- year-old suspect ran at the
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deputy with a 12-inch hunting knife. >> he gets out of his car and he's immediately confronted by the suspect who tries to charge at him with this 12-inch rambo  style knife. he in his defense is going to pull his firearm and that's what he did. >> police and neighbors say the man has mental issues. 46 new police recruits are graduating tonight. it's the department's 222nd academy. more than half the graduating class has college degrees and are b lingual. the oldest is 48 years old, the youngest is 23. right now i'm tracking your bay area weekend weather and we're between two weather systems. so you're going to hear some people talking about rain out there. for a chance of rain as we go into the weekend. here's system number one that's the one that's being given up
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the scattered showers. that system is slowly moving out. but it's characterized see these green arrows. a warmer weather system. here's system number two and this one is characterized by cooler air. we're right in the middle right here. as we go into the next the 24 hours there's a chance of a few sprinkles that's as we go into the next 24 hours. a new one is coming in, the cold one. that's going to tell you how that's going to impact your saturday and sunday because i know that's very important as it is friday night. we'll see you back here. we have new information on the rape allegations against 49ers wide receiver crabtree. in just the past few minutes san francisco's district attorney george gascon said his office will not file charges against michael crabtree. in a statement tonight gascon said the special victim's unit conducted an investigation and he reviewed all of the evidence before making the decision not
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to charge him. a woman had accused crabtree of assaulting him after a party in a hotel in san francisco. some of the luckiest 49ers faithful are super bowl bound. $850, but many of them told us it's worth it. >> next time they make the super bowl, who knows. >> there are some fans who told us they may sell their tickets and just watch the big game on tv. tickets aren't the only thing 49er fans are getting their hands on tonight. cara liu is in the city where a brand new t-shirt is in production at the same time there's a lot of knock offs hits the streets. cara. >> reporter: this is that new shirt you were talking about. it will be sold at railighs.
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here they are carrying a lot of official gear but not everything being told around town is legit. just about anything with kaepernick's name on it seems to be selling fast. >> he has just become a rock star. very good business wise. >> reporter: these shirts were just printed today. on them are official nfl player's stickers showing they are the real deal. >> our nfl sticker on it. because those stickers are numbered and whatever else and we have to account for them. >> reporter: but there are also plenty of knock offs. these vendors on market street took off when we started asking questions. >> why not is this not legitimate merchandise. >> reporter: and officially licensed products will carry either an nfl hologram or a tag or a sticker from the player's association. >> yeah, i always try to get
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the official licensed product. it's just my personal preference. i don't like to buy knock offs. >> reporter: the nfl confirms they have inspectors here in the bay area as well as in baltimore and new orleans looking out for unlicensed merchandise. police officers also tell us they sited several vendors today who were breaking the rules. live in san francisco, cara liu, channel 2 news. and ktvu is going to the super bowl, we have a team of reporters and photographers headed to new orleans and we will have live coverage in every single newscast starting next week. and on super bowl sunday switch over to ktvu immediately after the game with the only live postgame show with the big game in the big easy. plans to build a coliseum city in the east bay are about to be evaluated. officials with the city of oakland today approved a comprehensive study on the
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proposed project. city and county leaders say the raiders are also taking part of the effort. brandon crawford teamed up with wells fargo today to award 20 education grants. >> starting at shortstop number 35 brandon crawford. >> >> crawford took the podium this morning in front of dozens of students and adults from bay area schools. they will share $75,000 in new funding. >> grant programs like these. our employees to give back to the education and programs. take advantage of the ability to get an education and work hard to pursuit a dream. crawford grew up in pleasanton and says his school teacher/mother thought him to always value his education. coming up in five minutes. >> it's something every parent may want to know. how to raise your child's iq. >> the simple steps you can
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take which may be able to do just that. and later the report card is in and california gets a d. >> and our system definitely needs to be more consistent, coherent. >> the shortcoming that may be leaving new teachers unprepared. why the disturbing unsolved murder of this elderly bay area commuter is making headlines again.
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breaking news happening right now in oak land. -- oakland. we are just getting word of a police officer involved shooting that happened a few minutes ago. more police are on the way. at this point we know someone was shot but we do not yet what the circumstances of the shooting are. we do have a news crew headed to the scene. if it happens during this newscast we will bring it to you. san francisco police are asking the public to help them solve the case of an elderly
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man beaten to death near a munni stop. 83-year-old chen was attacked at a b.a.r.t. he ended up dying in the hospital. a man is behind bars on child abuse charges. miguel saucedo delgado sexually abused eight children. several items had been seized from his home by investigators. delgado was booked on eight counts with special circumstances. we're getting a look at repair work being done. a lot of work has been done since tuesday when repairs began. most of the damaged areas of the wooden tender system had been removed now.
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they'll be replaced with recycle plastic support pillars. crews tell us they are making some good progress. >> another week for the demolition and we're still looking at 4-1/2 months for the entire project. we'll try to bring it understand -- bring it underneath that if we can. some steps may help raise your child's iq. john fowler live in san francisco with what parents need to know here, john. >> reporter: that's right, for the very littlest ones it's more than just play. but as many parents know instinctively enrichment does work. >> reporter: parents easily can boost their children's iq several points. >> everybody wants to have the smartest kid, right. >> give them the most advantage as possible. if there's things you can do why not do it.
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>> reporter: multiple studies including diet and intellectual stimulation. preschool, another four points, preschool emphasizing language, another four points. >> not only does she have english and spanish from my side but she has portuguese also from her father's side. the common theme is complex environment. that young developing brains rise to the challenge. >> growth of connections amongst brain cells and growth of brain cells themselves. the so called neuroplasticity creates huge benefits. >> better memory, better perception, better attention. >> and abstract thinking he says that's possible even in toddlers. if parents encourage curiosity. >> if there's any sign of developmental delay, very early
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treatment will boost the child's intelligence. >> reporter: dr. climan says techniques in this book improve children's emotional and intellectual well being. simply reading with a child before age 4 can improve iq four points. reporting live in san francisco life and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that's really something. we read a lot to our kids. if it helps, great stuff. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a front. >> doing change your plans because there's a chance of a sprinkle in the forecast. what you're really going to notice is it's much cooler around here. as this system moves in, this is cold air behind it. you can see it coming in right. you even see a little bit of sprinkle activity to the north. you call your friends up around
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santa rosa or petaluma. the forecast overnight lows not as cold. the clouds helped. when it was so cold overnight with freeze warnings and spare the air nights. not the case tomorrow night. still temperatures with the cloud cover we're going to be in the upper 30s and low 40s. two systems one to the south that's leaving slowly. this system is coming in but it is super weak and it really just brings us increased clouds and a slight chance of a sprinkle. saturday, go do it. sunday go do it. just be prepared for something like this. saturday morning, night there's
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clouds. some snow showers down to about 5,300, 5,400 feet. we're kind of under the influence of a southerly flow. this isn't southerly but the winds will become a little southerly. and we have to leave a chance of showers. there's sunday morning, i'm doing it. i'm not changing my plans right. come back at 10:00. if this thing changes i'm dial you in. it looks like a nonevent, but it's something we have to talk to because it's here but it shows no signs of being an event. temperatures cooler as you head into saturday and sunday. five day forecast coming in here. we're still about 100% or something for rainfall. that five day is dry. as i look long range it's still dry and you know what we have to get some rain in here. pretty soon we'll begin worrying. because we lose the percentages of average quick here. >> nothing in that long range. >> i don't see anything.
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coming up on bay area news at 7:00. as john sasaki reported expulsions have rocked the vallejo high school. another hopeful sign for an improving economy. what happened today that last happened eight years ago. join us at 7:00 at tv 36. california teachers are cleared to be in the classroom but are they really prepared. the lapse in licensing a new report has revealed, coming up in three minutes. you can't move the tv there.
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a new report suggests that california's teachers aren't prepared for their jobs. the national council on people equality gave california a d for teacher preparation programs and licensing. the national average was a d plus. the findings are critical of california because teachers here do not have to pass a test for the subjects they are licensed to teach. >> teaching is the most important factor in helping kids be successful in the classroom. and yet we're not really investing in our teacher development. we're not honoring the teacher profession as much as we should be. >> reporter: california also received low scores in special
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education teacher preparation and accountability of teacher preparation programs. well lucky lucky mark ibanez is going to be heading to new orleans to cover the super bowl. we now know when the team is going to be heading that way. >> i don't want to gloat about it. >> go ahead. >> i wish i was going. >> lucky. >> it's going to be fun. all the serious prep work later next week. they have a rock solid roster. the only shaky area and it's a huge area of concern. david akers so great just a year ago. clearly a weak link right now as evidenced by his potentially disastrous miss. no one is going to remember anything if he turns it around. >> i haven't had the personal success that i would like to have this year after 14 years of actual credited seasons. for me i'm just going to go
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into this looking positive and been getting the fact of 2012 and looking forward to good things 2013. that's the only way you can look at it. we have you covered. wall to wall. big crew going down there. every step of the way. wall to wall coverage we are everything super bowl next week. saturday february 2nd we'll have a super bowl special. and we'll have the postgame stuff down on the field after the victory. any time you go to the track you can do a whole lot worse than running on any race that russell base has a hand in. won the first three races and the sixth it was the race for him. that was the race that happened to be the 50th thousand ride of his career. his win and mount totals are both north american racing records. saving it for a rainy day apparently. tiger brings out his a game in
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the second part of the farmers insurance open. woods bolting in the first. beautiful approach set up an eagle on his first. then off and rolling here's his approach on his seventh hole leading to one of his six birdies. woods cruising into the weekend. and if the warriors win tonight. it's going to be a pretty dog gone good story. they were down by as many as 23. cut the deficit by 13 at the halftime. full highlights tonight at 10:00. that's the sporting life at this early hour. >> thank you, frank. we'll see you then. >> we're getting an update now on the officer involved shooting in oakland. we have just learned that an officer was in fact, shot. we are working to get more information on this including the condition of that officer. and the circumstances surrounding that shooting and we will have that for you coming up on the 10:00 news. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. keep us on track on thanks for joining us.
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